Youth Pastor: Mike Negley

Wow there have been some major changes lately. Mr Brian has moved to North Carolina with his family and we're missing him already. Then there is this COVID thing. Wearing masks and staying apart and for some still staying home. So I have to tell you that for now we are not going to have Olympians. However we are going to do a book called "Ancient Adventures" together on our face book page. We're going to learn some great things that happened long ago and we're going to have "home work". Wait this is not like your school stuff this fun stuff like drawing and coloring, taking pictures and who knows what else. So be sure and join us starting September 9, 2020 as we put on our facebook page (FBC Lorida or go to our web page at fbclorida.org under links) "Ancient Adventures". So come and join us as we learn together, have fun together and pray together at Olympians 2020 virtual style. See you then


  September 2020  
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