It's fall of the year and for some that means temperatures are a changing. It's close to Thanksgiving and then comes Christmas. We're giving thanks for the gift  of your stopping by to our web site. It's our prayer for you that God would grant you peace and joy, and that God would, through our site, draw you close and enable you to really receive the meaning of and give thanks for Jesus' coming. That baby lying in the manger is our friend, our savior, our Lord. Come see us when you can here at First Baptist Church of Lorida. Let the peace of Thanksgiving and the Joy of Christmas fill your homes and your hearts is our prayer for you.

             God Bless,

                 Pastor Wayne Godwin  


Heartland for Children & Aunt Bertha

We have posted another resource on our Links page.  With this link one should find, health, housing, employment programs, and other community resources for those in need.  Heartland for Children, the leading community based care agency serving, Polk, Hardee, and Highlands counties  has partnered with Aunt Bertha. By providing your zip code you can find information and steps to see what you need to qualify in order to receive services.

  December 2022  
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